ISS IP Holding LLC 

for a new disruptive
Internet (HTTP) | Quantum Speed & Security
(QuSS) Technology

Main Services

Patent Licensing

As patent licensing has become the core focus area for IP-centeric companies, we grant License Contracts from our own IP Family to:

- Large Corporations
- Universities/ Other Research
- Government and Military
  Cyber Defense Units
- General Counsels
- Start-ups


We support a Rapid Prototyping which the Licensees and Users can evaluate and delivering Investment Securities in the following Areas:

1. Evaluating and Testing the Design
2. Delivering the claimed Results
3. Clarifying Costs and Issues
4. Knowledge for System Integration
5. Own professional Help Desk and
6. Development Team

Specification & System Manuals

By delivering Programming- and Requirement Specifications ((P)RS) for a computer-based System (CBS) before Implementing it provides a good way to learn the CBS’s
Requirements and the new disruptive System Architecture and Technology.

Last but not Least we deliver complete System Setup, Maintenance, Hardware and Benchmark Manuals and much more.

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